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megatec develops and manufactures electronic circuits, controls and devices of excellent technological quality. Our services comprise circuit development from A to Z (hardware and software), serial production and a repair service during the entire product service life.

Our customers are primarily medium-sized companies whose core competences are not in the area of electronics, or companies who make a point of outsourcing development services. We aim to design individual solutions for extremely complex applications. By optimizing our state-of-the-art production for small to medium-sized series, we strive to distinguish ourselves from mass manufacturers who are not able to produce such batch sizes in an economically efficient manner.

High production quality and absolute delivery reliability makes megatec a powerful, fair and reliable long-term partner.

megatec electronic GmbH was founded by Gerhard Pirner, Dipl.-Ing., in 1987, as a spin-off of the Erlangen-based Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS).



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